Happy November

Leslie Boswak

Posted on November 01 2015

Happy November

Looking at my calendar today I think about what is ahead of me. Living in the Northeast, I am reminded Mother Nature is preparing to coat my world in a white blanket - so very soon. The hustle, and bustle of the holidays are around the corner. Once we get through the holidays, things seem to slow down so we can rest and refresh. It seems easier to find the time to dedicate to those priceless things in our life…family, friends, spirituality, love... November marks the wind down of fall but the first day of November we gain an hour – what a gift! Don’t we always wish we had more time? Today we were all granted that wish - so to speak. I have set aside that precious hour to plan some exciting things that I am going to accomplish in 2016. What do you plan to do with your gift - that extra hour?

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